Get Cash For Clothes In Hull at 50p per KG

FREE Clothes Collection


All bookings are 3-hour timeslots, e.g. 9 am can be collected between 9 am-12 pm.

Email:, or use our BOOK A COLLECTION option below.

What items can I Sell?

We accept a wide range of clothing and shoes. We don’t take large items such as garden furniture, electrical goods and waste metal. For a complete list, Please CLICK HERE.

At Clothes Cash In, we make it easy to give your clothes a second life. We buy and recycle a wide range of clothing items, from all the latest fashion trends to classic styles. We take the hassle out of selling unwanted clothes by providing an easy, convenient service for you to sell your used garments and get cash on the spot.

Our team will check your items are suitable for reuse and provide instant cash at competitive prices. We’re dedicated to making sure no good quality garment goes to waste.

Preparing your clothes for collection

Please ensure that all items are of good quality, dry, and free of tears, rips, odours, or other damage. You can use a regular household black bin bag when we collect the clothes, but we use our reusable containers, so you will be offered your bag back to use again. We usually contact you 30 minutes before delivery, allowing you enough time to organise your items or let us know if you need to cancel. When we arrive, we will check the clothing quickly, ensure it’s in good condition, weigh it and pay you straight away.

Benefits of Recycling Clothing

When you recycle your clothes, you’re helping the environment by reducing the number of materials that go into landfills. Recycling also reduces water and energy use since it takes less energy to process recycled fabrics than to create new ones from scratch.

Additionally, it reduces pollution levels since fewer chemicals are used during recycling. Furthermore, reusing clothing helps promote sustainable fashion in a world of fast fashion.

Finally, recycling clothing can help create jobs in local communities through small businesses that refurbish and resell second-hand items – something that benefits everyone involved!

What happens to the clothes we buy?

So unlike other companies, we keep all the clothes in the UK and do our best to make sure there is as little waste as possible and for a good reason.

Many companies that pay for clothes by the kg send their clothing abroad. We believe this isn’t always the best way of dealing with used textiles for these reasons:

Environmental Cost

The environmental cost of shipping the clothes to these countries. IMO forecasts that the CO2 emissions from the shipping industry will rise to 1.48 billion metric tons by 2020, equivalent to putting 65 million new cars on the road.


Many of the clothes go to landfill in developing countries. Poor-quality clothes are known to be sent to developing countries; these clothes are discarded and sent to landfills or end up in rivers and seas, polluting and endangering wildlife. This type of textile recycling is just passing the book of responsibility.



Some well-known kilo companies give the impression they donate the clothes they collect to developing countries, misleading the people who recycle their items, giving the impression they are donations.

Are we a charity?

No, we are not a charity, but we care about the environment and want to make a real difference in reducing items sent to landfill whilst giving the people of Hull some extra money for unwanted clothes with instant payments of cash or a bank transfer.

Where are we based?

We are located in Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, the city of culture 2017. We don’t have a centre you can drop off unwanted items, but we offer a FREE collection of your old clothes and footwear.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch using our Contact page.

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